Monday, December 13, 2010

Boring blog...

I have a boring is ok, we can say it. The layout is boring, the little comments here and there are fine- but I can only speak for myself. Yep, the images are pretty but that is really about it. Part of it is I have a hard time making a blog my life, but if I don't start, it really isn't too interesting is it? People don't come to a boring blog... and those of you that do follow-bless your heart!

So how do I make it interesting?....hmmm?....

Here is a shot:

I am sending out mailers this week. No, really this is a big deal! I always chicken out of it, but I am really doing it! Just in time for Christmas. My goal is one mailer a month to various publishing co.'s; lets say 25 different pub. co.'s. Small, but I need to start somewhere. I don't have the crutch anymore of blaming school. Nope. Not any more; well in 4 days. (Please, I just need to pass so I can get on with my art life)...I will finally finish my BFA show. I have an idea and I am running with it- and not dropping it this time. I am going to work on my portfolio and make it better, more professional, more uniformed. By-golly, I am getting a haircut! really I am, I am leaving for it right now :)

As always, have a happy day and may your life be full of whimsical moments.

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  1. It's always fun to see the behind the art personality, what you do from day to day, not just your paintings & drawings. Pets, friends, activities every once i a while show you have a life other than the pictures you draw.. just an idea.

    Love the art.

    ~ Colt