Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coffee Cup Girl

Here is the "Coffee Cup Girl" so far...

...since it is only scanned it only looks ok. It would look 10x better when assembled all together.

(P.S. I made the dpi high so you could see the detail.)

Have a happy day!

Monday, August 15, 2011

As luck would have it

So as luck would have it I can't find my watercolor set for the life of me; or my favorite brushes! They have gone missing since my trip to Bear Lake. Oh well...I have a plan B.

Do you remember this comp?

I inked the main girl today (not shown-yet) and got her clothes done (above). The examples look poor, because my tools are poor. I am selling art at an auction this Thursday -in Provo if you are in the area- so I hope to earn money for at least a camera ($600-ish) and scanner ($3000-ish.) Maybe I will earn the camera? Scanner is in the far future, but the camera will help me produce quality photos so I can get some jobs which will help me pay for that.

Well, that is the plan :)

I want the lighting on the main girl to have this look (above.)

Friday, August 12, 2011

study of a painting

Here is a painting by Fredrick Carl Frieseke --The Yellow Room, next to it is my study from it. Another study, perhaps too close to the original. But I wasn't trying to pull this off as my original idea to begin with. Just a study of color and pattern with a more modern twist.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

study of night

As I have mentioned before, I am building my portfolio- trying to find a market to put it in, as well. I have too many images of women in flowing dresses in nature. I needed a mix. So I made myself a challenge:

2)limited palette
3)mystery scene

The third wasn't as much of a challenge as I thought it would be (meaning I wasn't pulling at my hair.) It was really fun! It made me think and create in a way that wasn't my norm.

Above are color comps/sketches of possible paintings for a young adult book (tween), children's book market. The first is a book cover idea, the second could be a cover as well a page in a children's book.

The first image, I wanted to create the illusion of being in a bird cage. So I painted stripes around the crow on the wall and on the girls dress. By slanting the image I created a sense of urgency along with the clues of the sudden appearance of a light, the opened letter, and the squawking of the crow. But even in this scene I just couldn't quite get by without flowing hair and fluffy dresses :)

The second image, I wanted to give the viewer the feeling of waking up in a strange space. So everything in the room is twice the size it should be. I love the the girl in the HUGE chair! I am excited to make that one into a real painting.

I love knowing that with each image I make I get a little better. Notice that my contrast between values is getting better? I love being an artist, it allows me to have have a visual journal of growth.

Have a happy day!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Drawsome Monday! Bear Lake Sketches

I went to Bear Lake, Idaho this weekend with mu church group. We went boating, water sports, swimming, slept under the stars- super fun! Here are some sketches I made while there.

Have a wonderful day!