Monday, November 7, 2011

nothing to wear

"I have nothing to wear!"
I felt very much this way today-let me take that back- I feel like this almost everyday. I have a closet full of clothes, beautiful clothes, clothes that are stylish, clothes that I look really good in, clothes that I spent a lot of money on! Yet I can only see what I am lacking (like a pair of camel colored corduroy strait-legged pants) until then how can I possibly ever wear my navy tops when I know that somewhere in the world are those corduroys?! And mind you I have never actually seen these pants in person, I just imagine them and believe the world would be better if I had them.You laugh, but I am serious. I really worry about this kind of stuff. How sad that something so unimportant leans so heavily on my happiness.


  1. This has GOT to go in our favorite little shop, or every little shop for that matter. Perfect!

  2. i feel like this ALL THE TIME.

    in fact, i didn't buy a skirt in new york, then regretted it, then spent the next year reminding myself that it wasn't in my closet when i'd [frequently] go look for it.

    ugh. oh, and when i went back in march, i couldn't find it anywhere.

    also, i am loving your work. i mean, i always have, but i'm *still* digging it. just in case you are wondering. :) and you're rocking the digital! and white striped skirt, where are you in the world? ...