Friday, July 8, 2011

sneak peak

This is a color comp for an editorial for a woman's magazine. I am calling it One Coffee Cup. (it is my own assignment- I am building a editorial portfolio with my paper dolls.)

I came up with the idea the other day-- but I just heard a song just now (while working on it) that really inspired me to make it by Brendan James- The Fall.

The song reminds me so much of when I went to NY/GA last year and met-up with the guy I was dating long distance, after my trip was over we planed to see each other again in September. We aren't together anymore, but luckily we are still really good friends.

For me this illustration is of that waiting period of not knowing what will happen or if what you are doing is right.

I may need to re-draw the main girl, she feels too stiff... the sketch shouldn't look better than the final...
I love her hair...
These are some of the fabrics...

Have a happy day!

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  1. Your artwork is looking really nice! I'm excited to see the finished illustration of this.