Monday, August 15, 2011

As luck would have it

So as luck would have it I can't find my watercolor set for the life of me; or my favorite brushes! They have gone missing since my trip to Bear Lake. Oh well...I have a plan B.

Do you remember this comp?

I inked the main girl today (not shown-yet) and got her clothes done (above). The examples look poor, because my tools are poor. I am selling art at an auction this Thursday -in Provo if you are in the area- so I hope to earn money for at least a camera ($600-ish) and scanner ($3000-ish.) Maybe I will earn the camera? Scanner is in the far future, but the camera will help me produce quality photos so I can get some jobs which will help me pay for that.

Well, that is the plan :)

I want the lighting on the main girl to have this look (above.)

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