Sunday, February 6, 2011

BFA blog and character design for BFA...

I had some free time today so I whipped this up in Photoshop; I love seeing that I am getting better! Anyway, this is what I am planning on my main character to look like for my BFA show, which the plan is late May. Fingers crossed. If you want to see the in-depth progressing of my BFA show, I am making a blog about it right now. It is still very much in the early works, but I will start to add things there that I don't here. (FYI my BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts) show for those that don't know, is the final show that I will have so I can graduate with a BFA and be able to make a strong portfolio. As well show people that tend to wonder about art as a career yes I am doing something with my life, and hey, I am pretty good too)
Have a happy day.

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