Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Two Cents [ Artist's Personal Notes]

"I love working in so many different mediums that I often wonder if my diverse interests in textures and looks are beneficial to my work as an illustrator? However I do believe that I am gifted in the area of style, which makes up for it. When I say I am gifted in style, I am saying I have a steady look to my artwork; you can tell I created it.
There is something that no artist can control, and that is personal touch; rather style. No matter how small, it is there. People often want to know, 'how they can achieve a style' (Most artist are not happy with the way their art looks when they put it down on paper); however you must keep in mind styles are not made, they don't come in pretty packages and bows, not expensive tubes of paint, or special brushes; they come from within yourself. Take into account that art supplies- no matter how convincing they sound- are only tools. Just as a scalpel doesn't make someone a good doctor, a pen in your hand will not make you the next Charles Dana Gibson. However do not underestimate the strength of a good brush when used with someone who had practiced the craft.
Style comes from everywhere and we show it in everything. All that you do, see, touch, and smell, all that is good and bad will be -with out you even realizing it- sewn together making the wonderful you that you are, with a unique perspective which is a gift to the world. It is important as well to keep in mind that styles are ever changing- because you are ever growing. The more we harness are unique selves and try not to be someone else, the more we will learn to love and be successful with our styles; because you are being true to your self.
If you are ever looking for a good read about art and becoming the best artist that you can become, I strongly suggest Alla Prima by Richard Schmid. It will become your artist bible.
Most of all remember to love life and to always smile, because that shows as well. "

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